Anniversary Award

Established in 1960, the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Helminthological Society of Washington to one of its members is the Anniversary Award. Our constitution stipulates that the Anniversary Award can be given for outstanding contributions in parasitology, an exceptional paper presented at a meeting of the Society or published in its journal, or giving outstanding service to the Society. The Anniversary Award recipients comprise a distinguished group of parasitologists primarily from the Washington, D.C. area.

Anniversary Award Recipients:

1960 Edna M. Burher*

1961 Mildred A. Doss*

1962 Allen McIntosh*

1964 Jessie R. Christie*

1965 Gilbert F. Otto*

1966 William W. Cort*

1966 George R. LaRue*

1967 Gerald Dikmans*

1969 Benjamin Schwartz*

1969 Willard H. Wright*

1970 Aurel O. Foster*

1971 Carlton M. Herman*

1972 May Belle Chitwood*

1973 Elvio H. Sadun*

1974 E. J. Lawson Soulsby*

1975 David R. Lincicome*

1975 Margaret A. Stirewalt*

1976 Leo A. Jachowski, Jr.*

1977 Horace W. Stunkard*

1978 Kenneth C. Kates*

1979 Everett E. Wehr*

1980 O. Wilford Olsen*

1981 Frank D. Enzie*

1982 Lloyd E. Rozeboom*

1983 Leon Jacobs*

1984 Harley G. Sheffield*

1985 A. Morgan Golden*

1986 Louis S. Diamond*

1987 Everett L. Schiller*

1988 Milford N. Lunde*

1989 J. Ralph Lichtenfels

1990 A. James Haley*

1991 Francis G. Tromba*

1992 Thomas K. Sawyer*

1993 Ralph P. Eckerlin

1994 Willis A. Reid, Jr.*

1995 Gehard A. Schad*

1996 Franklin A. Neva*

1997 Burton Y. Endo*

1998 Sherman S. Hendrix

1999 Frank W. Douvres*

2000 Nancy D. Pacheco

2001 John H. Cross*

2002 Ronald C. Neafie

2003 W. Patrick Carney

2004 Eric P. Hoberg

2005 David J. Chitwood

2006 Ronald Fayer

2007 Patricia A. Pilitt

2008 K. Darwin Murrell

2009 Judith H. Shaw*

2010 John Janovy, Jr.

2011 John M. Hawdon

2012 Daniel R. Brooks

2013 Larry S. Roberts

2014 Dennis J. Richardson

2015 Richard E. Clopton

2016 William E. Moser

2017 Tami Cook



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